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Download Demo

Please note: If you have already licensed GEMS, or have already registered for the demo, you may proceed directly to the download page by selecting "Downloads" under QUICKLINKS on the left.

You will be downloading the 2020 edition of GEMS, including all of its main modules: GEM706, GEM709, and GEMAcct. You will be able to view the forms and reports on your screen. In addition, you can continue to use the data files you create with the demo version if you later decide to license GEMS. The demo version also includes sample data files that will permit you to more quickly evaluate the program's features. Each module also has an extensive manual that you can access under Help on the menu bar.

After you have installed the demo version, you will receive via e-mail your authorization code that will be valid for 30 days. If you fail to receive your authorization code, contact our Sales Department at 888-GEMS706 (436-7706).

If you have any questions during the demonstration period or if you would like to review a state module, please call Technical Support at 888-GEMS706 (436-7706). We look forward to receiving your comments.