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I can't tell you how happy I am to have found a revisited FATE/FET program. I'm in the process of working on a 706 as I write this email and it's very easy to work with. Thanks again.
Milwaukee, WI


The Gillett Estate Management Suite (GEMS) comprises GEM706, GEM709 and GEMAcct. The software is licensed as a "suite" and its components are not sold separately.

The license fee for the single user version is $1,495 which authorizes only one person at a time to use GEMS or any of its components at the same location. The license fee for the multiple users version is $2,295 which authorizes an unlimited number of persons to use GEMS concurrently at the same location. If your firm intends to use the program at different locations, you must license the program for each location even if it is installed on a wide area network.

You can elect to license either the current or prior year edition of GEMS. The fee includes GEM706 for decedents dying during the selected year, GEM709 for the selected year's filing season, and GEMAcct for periods one year after the end of the selected year. It also includes all updates issued with respect to those editions of the program and free customer support for twelve months from the date of your initial license.

The current annual renewal rate for the single user version is $750, and the current annual renewal rate for the multiple users version is $1,150. Each renewal extends your license for an additional twelve months and entitles you to receive GEM706 for decedents dying during the next year, GEM709 for the next year's filing season, and GEMAcct for periods extending an additional year. Prior year editions of GEMS are also available to license. Please call for pricing information.

State Modules Pricing

State modules are available as an add-on purchase to GEMS. You must be a GEMS licensee to access state modules. The license fee for each state module is $460 for a single user license and $680 for a multiple users license. If you have a multiple users license for GEMS, you will be required to purchase the multiple users license for state modules. When you renew your GEMS license, you will also be able to renew your state module license for the current annual fee of $230 for the single user version and $340 for the multiple users version.

You must provide a valid e-mail address at the time you purchase GEMS. You have the option of entering multiple e-mail addresses. Gillett Publishing will e-mail directly to you an authorization code that will permit you to access GEMS. In addition, Gillett Publishing will use the e-mail addresses to notify you of program updates. If your e-mail address changes, you should select Update Your Profile to update your contact information.