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I just had to write. I just finished a 706 start to finish in two hours. Schedule G had over 30 issues of stock to report. It would have taken me at least that long just to enter that one schedule with the other program I was using.
Southfield, MI


GEMS provides free customer support to current licensees. You can e-mail your question to The customer support staff will attempt to resolve your issue within a single business day. Please include your telephone number since that may be the most efficient way to reach a timely resolution.

You can also call customer support at 888-GEMS706 (436-7706). The support hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Central Time. If the customer support lines are busy, you will be asked to briefly describe your request. Again, the support staff will attempt to resolve your issue within one business day.

Forwarding data files:
Occasionally, you may be asked to forward a client data file to our support staff for review. We offer a secure, encrypted procedure for receiving and returning those files. We understand the confidential nature of client files, and we permanently delete the files from our computer after the issues have been resolved.

After you obtain the necessary permissions, click on the following link to upload your file:
Secure File Transfer..
You will be requested to browse to the location where you are storing the data file. That information is available on the recent files list when you launch GEM706, GEM709, or GEMAcct.