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GEMAcct prepares trust accountings and estate accountings that comply with the National Fiduciary Accounting Standards. GEMAcct employs a double entry accounting system to accurately portray the financial condition of the trust or estate, simplifying data entry so you can enjoy the benefits of a double-entry system without possessing an accountant's expertise, and permits you to track an entity's income and principal balance on hand.

If you are using GEM706 to prepare the estate's federal estate tax return, you can transfer all assets, liabilities, and other deductions directly to the appropriate schedule on Form 706. You can also use GEMAcct as a stand-alone program if you are not preparing the return or if no return is required.

GEMAcct includes the following important features:

  • GEMAcct prepares concise reports that comply with the National Fiduciary Accounting Standards, the mandated format in many jurisdictions and an accepted format in most other jurisdictions.
  • You can download assets and transactions from thousands of financial institutions directly into GEMAcct, slashing your data entry time.
  • GEMAcct supports check writing, including check printing on blank stock.
  • There are predefined cash receipts, cash disbursements, and non-cash transactions that permit you to make most entries without using traditional debit and credit entries.
  • You can easily enter residuary distributions, including pick and choose fractional share distributions, and, if a new trust is being funded, you can create the initial inventory in a new GEMAcct data file during the distribution process.
  • If the entity or the jurisdiction has special accounting requirements, you can define custom reports to satisfy those needs.
  • You can print each report in PDF format, making it easy to e-mail accountings to beneficiaries, executors, and other interested parties.
  • GEMAcct permits you to easily begin accountings for existing trusts and estates.
  • You can interface with EVP Systems, Inc. to value securities as of the decedent's death and the alternate valuation date in accordance with the Treasury regulations or to obtain fair market values for accounting purposes.
  • GEMAcct includes a comprehensive manual in PDF format that you can search, view, or print.
State modules are available for the specific reporting requirements of California, Connecticut, Florida, and New York.

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